Pradeep Pattanayak

In the run-up to the consecration of Ram Temple in Ayodhya, the stories of several staunch devotees of Lord Ram are emerging from different parts of the country. 

There are many such devotees in Odisha as well. Here we introduce you to a 72-year-old woman, who has made it a point of her life to write Shree Ram in Odia language daily.  

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Meet Brajakishori Sahu, a resident of Postal Lane in Koraput’s Jeypore town. At her age, most women prefer to spend time with their family members, particularly with their grandchildren. But what has separated Brajakishori from others is her devotion to Lord Ram. She has been a Lord Ram devotee for the last 20 years. 

In 2020, she wrote Lord Ram’s name 25,00, 000 times and donated the notebooks to the Ram temple at Bhadrachalam in Andhra Pradesh. And now she is writing the lord’s name 1040 times a day. 

She says writing Lord Ram’s name gives her immense pleasure.

“I have been writing my lord’s name for the last 20 years. Writing lord Ram's name gives me immense pleasure, peace, and satisfaction. I can’t go to Ayodhya. I will send the notebooks with my son and daughter-in-law,” she says.

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