Vikash Sharma

With positive energy already setting in from Navratri, people are trying their best to make full use of the auspicious period to make rapid changes in their lives.

According to expert Tarot reader-Healer-Life Coach Bina Sheth from Divine Bliss Cuttack, several zodiac signs will slightly be lucky in the entire month of October 2022 than their counterparts.

Here’s quick look on the lucky zodiacs:


There will be all round happiness in almost all areas of life in October. You will feel blessed to be surrounded by trusted friends and family. Relationship commitment or engagement on the cards. The month will also offer long term stability in relationship. Unexpected windfall of money. Advice: Save for future. It will be a very good time for healing.


It will be a good month to explore inner self. You will be overcoming previous delays and obstacles and treading ahead in life now. You will get success in sports and competitions. You just need to maintain your focus. It will perfect time to overcome your past heartbreak and move ahead. Travel is possible. Digestive issues might bother you.


Time to achieve and fulfill your wishes and aspirations through perseverance and hard work. Luxury and fine life for you but be open to receive it, otherwise you might miss the opportunity. Good understanding with partners will take your relationship to next level.


Don’t be surprised as big change is on the cards. But you need to be quick and honest in your decision and actions. Romantic proposals coming in. Great time for investment. Career in army and police force might be excellent if chosen this month.


Happy times and positive energy for Leo. Important events coming up to bring positivity in your life. Potential partners to bring joy and happiness. Money flow will be there but expenses will also be more this month.