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After going through turbulent times in the past couple of years, people are now looking forward to a new beginning in 2023. Expert Tarot Reader - Reiki Master - Healer of various modalities, Mrs Bina Sheth from DivineBliss Cuttack has come up with top zodiacs that will have an edge over others in the New Year.

Here are the top lucky zodiacs


The New Year will perfect to release the negativities that were troubling you in the past. You will enjoy good and healthy relationships this year. But you need to be extra cautious while choosing partner. You need to start the New Year with long term planning. You will also be able to make good profits this year. Despite hard work, you will need some rest. The New Year will be good and satisfactory in terms of growth and prosperity.


Leaving behind past all issues and setbacks, you will start your year with renewed energy and meet your goals and targets. You will be at your best by mid of the year. The New Year 2023 will prove beneficial for you in terms of relationships as new partner might enter your life. Despite fast pace progress by the last quarter, you might have to face some struggles as well. You are likely to start the New Year on a spiritual note.

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If you are looking for job opportunities, the New Year 2023 will bring several scopes to take your career to new heights. You will get some help of a woman to excel professional. It will be a satisfactory year in terms of professional growth. You may also feel blessed as marriage is also possible in 2023. You just need to spread happiness in other others’ life. Financially, you will also be strong throughout and you just need to focus on the signs from the universe.


New Year will prompt you to take crucial decisions. The early months will be profitable and good opportunities will knock your doors. You will be able to attract money as well. However, you just need to be careful as far as your relations are concerned. Material life and eating habits will affect your health. Seek advice of health specialist and bring self discipline.


You will take risks but stick to conventional methods in career and money matters. Try to gain knowledge as much as you can as it will help in the long run. The New Year will overall bring balance in career and finances. Marriage and deeper commitments are possible by the last quarter... And, struggle might come in the way, but you will together overcome to bring love and harmony by the year end.