Vikash Sharma

With Diwali bringing new light and abundance, there is every possibility that it will bring new zeal and pave the way for progress in coming months.

With some guidance through tarot reading by expert Mrs Bina Sheth Tarot reader - Healer - Life Coach from DivineBliss Cuttack you can make necessary changes to make maximum use and benefit in your career and life goals.

This is a collective reading for all Sun Signs for month of November 2022. Take what resonates and leave the rest.


It will be a good time to get involved in team work and group projects. However, you should avoid unconventional ways at work. Deep commitment in relationship or marriage is possible in the month of November. Following your spiritual path will bring inner strength and success.


You will feel new zeal and energy in life during this time and you will be in a position to juggle many tasks at a time. Singles might somehow become too attractive and energetic to commit things. Good time to conceive for those who wish to start a family.


You have all the skills and ability to be successful now. It will be a great time for you to manifest your desires. This time will require you to make new and brave moves to progress ahead in life.


November will be perfect time to start something new. Abundance and stability in life will be on cards in all areas of life. You might get some good news like promotion. You will gain unexpected money but you need to be cautious and save for future.


Good news and good offers on its way for you. Use your creative side to resolve challenges at work place. Thinking out of the box will bring success.


You will be taking control of your life and having experience and energy to accomplish what you set out for yourself this month. Do not be needy in relationship. Enjoy your own company and avoid conflicts. It will be a great time to start new ventures and be a mentor to others.

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