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As per Indian tradition, people always follow certain rules when it comes to do something auspicious. Going through the panchang is one of them as it provides overview of muhurat and other auspicious timings.

Today is July 31, 2022 (Solar month  Cancer 16th day. Srabana sukla pakshya)

Tithi – Tritiya after 04.18 am Chaturthi 

Moon shine – Leo ( day and night) 

Malignant moon – Cancer, Capricorn ( day and night)

Malignant Diurnal – Arise

Pushkara dosha –  Eka pada, to santi puja 

Auspicious Time

05.25 am  to 09.43 am

01.29  pm  to 02.02 pm

07.04 pm to 09.17 pm

12.15  am to 01.16 am

02.39 am to 03.12 am

Inauspicious  Time

Rahu kalam – 04.43 am  to 06.20 am

Kala bela -  11.53 am  to 01.29 pm

Vara bela –  10.16 am to 11.53 am

Kala ratri –01.16 am to 03.39 am

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Horoscope for July 31


Aswini: Your creativity in the fields of literature and music will increase. 

Dwija: You are likely to spend times with your best companions. 

Krutika: You are likely to prosper. 

Remedy: Worship Maa Bagalamukhi


Krutika: Today, there may be disturbance and misunderstanding in your families. 

Rohini: It is very likely that there will be disturbances in recreational activities. 

Mrugashira: Be careful, road accidents may happen. 

Remedy: Worship Lord Parshuram.


Mrugashira: You are likely to have good relationship with your colleagues.

Adra: Your will march towards your goal taking all with you.

Punarbasu: Your will power will go up after winning in dispute 

Remedy: Chant Maa Dattatreya’s Mantra 

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