Advani questions why Cong took LF support in UPA-I

Burdwan (WB): Senior BJP leader L K Advani on Tuesday agreed with Union Home Minister P Chidambaram`s statement that West Bengal was the worst governed state under the Left Front`s 34-year-rule and asked why the Congress-led UPA(I) took its support to run the country.

"I totally agree with Chidambaram`s statement that West Bengal is the worst governed state under the Left Front.

Chidambaram should answer why UPA(I) took support of the Left Front at the Centre," Advani told an election rally here.

"It is our assessment that Left Front had crossed all limits of bad governance under patronage of the Congress during UPA(I). Congress is equally responsible. BJP cannot think of supporting Marxists or taking their support under any circumstances," he said.

Marxism, the BJP leader said, had been wiped out from Europe and not a single person of the erstwhile Soviet Union wept when the communist rule collapsed. "Similar would be the case when the Marxist rule comes to an end in West Bengal and Kerala," Advani said.

"The reason is simple. The Marxists could not deliver.

For them the poor people suffered and were tortured. Only Marxist leaders and their associates prospered under their rule," he said.