Cassian Baliarsingh

Amid outrage across the nation over the death of two young techies in Pune after being hit by a speeding Porsche, a member of the Juvenile Justice Board, Dr LN Danwade, who reportedly granted bail to the 17-year-old by directing to write a 300-word essay, was brutally trolled on social media for riding his two-wheeler without a helmet.

The respected judge tried to escape after a group of reporters surrounded him. Netizens brutally trolled Danwade for not strict action against Vedant Agrawal who crashed into two young techies while drinking his Porsche in a drunken state.

The two young techies, Aneesh Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta, were going on a bike when the Porsche of Vedant hit them. Aneesh died on the spot while Ashwini succumbed to her injuries while being taken to the hospital.

Angry netizens demanded that a case be registered against Danwade for riding without helmet and he also must write a 300-word essay.

“The traffic cops should tell him to write an essay about the joys of riding a scooter without a helmet,” commented a user.

Another netizens demanded, “I expect you to note this scooterist riding his two-wheeler without a helmet and take action as per traffic laws.”

“He should be prosecuted and his license to serve in legal capacity terminated,” commented another user.

Meanwhile, the drunken minor boy from an influential family has been accused of covering-up the case with the help of his family members. His mother had allegedly swapped her blood with the help of the hospital authorities; his grandfather had blackmailed and threatened their driver to take the blame on himself.
At least six people have been arrested till now and the case might soon see the seventh arrest as cops are looking out for his mother Shivani.

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