Cassian Baliarsingh
Apart from being known as the IT hub of India, the City of Gardens, Bengaluru has earned a bad reputation for its poor road infrastructure and potholes that have often led to the loss of precious lives.
The situation is so worse that a pothole in the Bellandur area appears on Google Maps.
Earlier in the first week of November, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) had assured that all potholes in the city would be filled by November 15.
However, the civic body has once again missed the deadline. Officials said rain in the city further delayed the work to fill the potholes. This has not gone well with netizens who slammed the civic body for negligence and intentional delay in the renovation work.
Despite repeated complaints, the civic body has miserably failed to repair the broken roads.
Meanwhile, Bengalureans had a field day on Twitter after a user shared a hilarious meme of a penguin swimming in a pothole in the city.
Taking to his Twitter handle, a user identified as @CitizenKamran tweeted a picture of a penguin swimming in the pothole. She shared the picture and wrote, “Due to Global Warming the Penguins have started to move to #Bengaluru. This one was spotted on the outer ring road. We need more potholes for the penguins to come and stay amidst us.”
The Twitter user sarcastically trolled the Civic body for failing to repair the potholes and claimed penguins had moved to Bengaluru due to Global warming. Similarly, another Twitter user wrote, "We saw Statue of Liberty, We saw statue of Unity and now see Statue of Pothole."
While no exact person was known immediately, it is suspected some Bengalurean might have placed the statue of the penguin in the pothole as a sign of protest. This isn’t the first time Bengalureans have expressed outrage over the bad road conditions and potholes in the City of Entrepreneurs.
Earlier, netizens have also expressed their outrage on various social media platforms against the potholes. Many even adopted unique methods of protest to draw the attention of the civic body into the pothole menace.
However, the civic body seems to be in slumber and is yet to swing into action.