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Suspend Core Committee says Team Anna member

New Delhi: A key Team Anna member today demanded suspension of the Core Committee and sought its expansion to make it more representative against the backdrop of Congress leaders targeting it. Kumar Vishwas shot off a letter to Hazare on the eve of Core Committee meeting, saying the leaders of the ruling party were targeting Hazare and each member of the Core Committee and trying to tarnish their public image and credibility.

"Such attacks and the subsequent clarifications will strengthen the conspiracy to divert the attention from the key issues…I request you to give greater representation to the Core Committee consisting of limited members and turn it into a hard-core committee comprising of 121 crore people. "I once against urge you to suspend the present Core Committee and create a new system to enable us to see a corruption-free new India," Vishwas said in his two-page letter.

The letter comes a day before the crucial Core Committee meeting in Ghaziabad tomorrow, which is being held against the backdrop of a series of allegations against key members like Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi as well as resignation of two prominent activists Rajinder Singh and P V Rajagopal citing the political turn taken by Hazare`s anti-corruption movement.

Vishwas, a college lecturer and poet, said the personal attacks on Core Committee members by "corrupt forces" were a proof that these people were trying to "neutralise and hurt" people actively involved in the campaign for a strong Lokpal. Such attacks would not only affect the Jan Lokpal issue but also hurt the confidence of crores of Indians, he said.

"Besides taking some misleading steps, the government has so far not taken any concrete action. While on one side the Prime Minister wrote a letter to you assuring you of necessary action on Lokpal, on the other side, leaders of the ruling party are trying their best to tarnish the public image and credibility of…each member of the Core Committee" including Hazare, he said. (

Vishwas told Hazare that the reaction of people have shown his strength when corrupt forces tried to defame him through allegations. "They understood that by attacking you, they cannot stop the movement for a Jan Lokpal," he said.

He said some people, who were frustrated with corruption, joined the movement, and were identified by people as Core Committee and by media as Team Anna and now the corrupt forces were singling out each and every member and levelling "false and irrelevant" allegations for short-term gains.

Asked whether the letter indicated a split in the Team, Vishwas replied in the negative. "There is no split in the team or it is not a strategy. This is just my suggestion to Hazare, who has a lot of experience," he said.

"Corrupt forces want to shatter our image and we don`t want to drag it. We don`t want to divert the attention from the movement to allegations. The corrupt forces are trying to focus on some faces and people," he said.

He said the Jan Lokpal bill should be in focus and suggested a reorganisation of the Core Committee in this regard. "Allegations will be fought individually and our focus should be Jan Lokpal Bill," he said, adding he did not want to derail the movement.

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