Mumbai: The Bombay High Court has granted relief to a student of the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), who was deemed medically unfit to serve in the armed forces and was asked to pay a hefty exit bond amount.

In an order passed last week, a bench headed by Justice B R Gavai held that the AFMC could not recover the exit bond amount from the student as he had developed the disability in question after he got admission to the college.

The petitioner underwent the compulsory medical examination after completing his Bachelor of Medicine (BMC) course at the AFMC in 2006. The examination revealed that he suffered from "primary hypertension" (high blood pressure).

The college authorities held that he was thus unfit to serve in the armed forces, and must pay Rs 7.5 lakh as the exit bond money, which a student who opts out of service in the armed forces on completion of studies is required to pay.

The student then moved the court, arguing that he was ready and willing to serve, and it was the AFMC which decided that he was not fit enough.

The high court agreed with the petitioner's contention.

"It is not the petitioner who has refused to continue in the armed forces. On account of the physical disability that he developed during his medical education, he has been found unfit to render services...We find that relief deserves to be granted," the bench said, directing the AFMC to release him from bond conditions.