Strengthen party from booth-level, BJP to state units

New Delhi: To make "Mission 272+" for Lok Sabha polls a success, BJP's top leadership today asked its state units to strengthen the organisation from the booth-level, and reach out to prospective voters from all segments and age-groups.
In a meeting of the Central leadership with the state unit president and organisation general secretaries held here today, BJP Election Campaign Committee Chief Narendra Modi and party president Rajnath Singh said the mood in the country is strongly against Congress and the main opposition is the only viable alternative.
"Modi spoke on how the BJP campaign in the run-up to the elections should be conducted. He emphasised on how it is important to bring the voter to the polling booth and said the party workers should meet this challenge. He also said there is a need to strengthen the support base and increase it further," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.
Modi also underscored the need for tapping the young and first time voters who, he said, are restless for a change.
The 20 sub-committees formed by the party have been asked to become more active. "Modi asked the committees to do in depth and comprehensive planning," Javadekar said.
The conclave will also discuss how to make the planned rallies a success, strengthening of booth committees, and door to door and village to village campaigns.
"Rajnath Singh gave a call to make 'Mission 272+' for Lok Sabha elections a success. He criticised the Congress for failing to check price rise, falling Rupee and increasing unemployment. He said the government is now going for capital control which is a regressive step and shows a 1980s mindset," Javadekar said.
The BJP President also hit out at the UPA government on the issue of security.
"He charged that the Congress has failed to provide economic, internal and external security and is only concerned about its own security," Javadekar said, quoting Singh.
To come to power, a party or a combination needs 272 seats in the 543-member Lok Sabha.