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Scribes stage protest at Labour ministry, INS for wage boards

New Delhi: Workers of newspapers and news agencies on Friday staged demonstration in front of the Labour ministry and INS to protest "delay" in notification of wage boards.

Agitators, including women, under the banner of Confederation of Newspaper and News Agency Employees` Organisations (CNNAEO) shouted slogans against the INS (Indian Newspaper Society) for spreading "lies" against the wage boards.

They also criticised the government for delaying notification of the wage revision under "influence" of media owners.

Addressing the protestors, CNNAEO General Secretary M S Yadav said if the wage boards was not notified by June 16, workers of news organisations would organise a nation-wide strike against the government.

Yadav contested the "lies" spread by INS against the wage boards and warned the newspapers body to "stop working against the interest of the workers" by denying them the much-needed hike in wages.

The CNNAEO General Secretary assailed the INS for "influencing" the government to "deny" wage revisions to lakhs of journalists and non-journalists of newspapers and news agencies across the country who were facing difficulties to meet their daily needs due to hike in prices of essential commodities.

Besides Yadav, IJU`s Suresh Akhauri and Madan Singh,IFWJ`s Parmanand Pandey, NUJI`s Rajendra Prabhu and Manohar Singh, UNI`s M L Joshi and Mukhesh Kaushik and PTI`s John Gonsalve, Swapan Acharya, Sanjay Sinha, Rajbir Singh and Ajay Tyagi demanded early notification of wage boards report.

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