Robert Vadra land deals paralyse Parliament

New Delhi: Alleged dubious land deals of Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra paralysed proceedings in Parliament today with Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha witnessing two adjournments following uproar by BJP.
'Congress ka haath, damaad ke saath' (hand of Congress is with the son-in-law) chanted BJP members, seeking to draw the attention on the Vadra issue in the Lok Sabha.
This was met with counter slogans 'Congress ka haath, janata ke saath, garib ke saath' (hand of Congress is with the people and the poor) by ruling party members.
Taking an obvious dig at Vadra, Yashwant Sinha (BJP) said, "Though there are several business schools which teach models of making money, there is one highly connected person who did not go to any such school but has given a model where no investment is made but windfall gains of thousands of crores are made."
The Vadra issue dominated both the Houses which saw other issues too, including Telangana with TDP members continuing to storm the Well, wearing shirts with slogan 'Save Andhra Pradesh, Save Democracy'.
Soon after Lok Sabha assembled and obituary references were made, members of various parties were on their feet to raise different issues with the Left targetting Congress on the solar scam in Kerala and some others voicing concern over violence in Kishtwar and other areas in the Jammu region.
The Rajya Sabha also witnessed similar scenes, with the main opposition BJP forcing adjournment of the House till noon on the same issue, minutes after it assembled for the day.
BJP members shouted slogans which were countered by those from Congress.
As the din continued unabated, Chairman Hamid Ansari's remarks whether members wished the House to become a "federation of anarchists" added fuel to the fire.