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Red-ultras to restrict use of arms but with a rider

Kolkata: Red-ultras will restrain the use of arms for one month provided there will be no joint operation in the area, the interlocutors and the Maoists said in a statement .

The joint statement signed by two interlocutors Sujato Bhadra and Choton Das and Akash, spokesperson of Maoist state committee said that" if there is no joint operation in the area then we will restrain arms for one month."

"The government will have to decide whether they will suspend joint operation for a month and create a congenial atmosphere for talks," Bhadra said.

"The statement was signed on September 3 and there was an embargo till October 3 and after that the content of the statement was released to the media," Bhadra said.

"If there is any attack on the rebels by armed groups functioning in the area then the Maoists will report it to the interlocutors and subsequently it will be reported to the government," Bhadra added.

"The government will have to assure and take every possible step to decommission these armed forces and that will help in creating an atmosphere for talks," he said.

When asked whether it was a unilateral decision taken by the Ultras, Bhadra said "It is never unilateral because if the government promises to stop joint operation then only the Maoist will restrain arms but it is a positive move which will provide scope for a dialogue."

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