Rahul Gandhi indulging in mean theatrics: Mayawati

Lucknow: UP Chief Minister Mayawati on Thursday accused the Congress and other opposition parties of attempting to disturb law and order by spreading rumours on land acquisition and dubbed Rahul Gandhi`s dharna in Greater Noida as "mean theatrics."

She said the clashes in Bhatta Parsaul in Greater Noida had nothing to do with the issue of land compensation.

"By spreading lies and rumours, opposition parties are attempting to disturb law and order situation by misleading people and Bhatta Parsaul incident is an example of their dirty politics," Mayawati told reporters here.

She accused Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who staged a dharna in Bhatta yesterday before being detained and released, of indulging in "mean dramatics". .

Mayawati said that whatever Rahul Gandhi has to do on the issue of acquisition of farmers` land, he should first do in his party.

"I would like to tell `Yuvraj` that whatever struggle he has to do, he should do in his home first, as the decision is in the hands of the Centre.

"It seems that he is not being heard in his own home and he is venting his frustration by indulging in mean dramatics," she alleged.

Mayawati said that from time to time the cabinet secretary has on her behalf clarified the situation, but still an attempt was being made to mislead people by associating the issue with land compensation.

"As a part of the conspiracy rumours are being spread that the land has been given for Yaumna and Ganga expressways, which is completely false," she said.

She said the land was taken for development under masterplan of the Greater Noida Authority."I strongly condemn false publicity despite repeated clarification," she said.

Mayawati said that farmers in Gautam Buddha Nagar gave their land to Greater Noida authority way back in 2009 and had taken the compensation.

"From this it is clear that the incident had nothing to with the compensation. This is dity politics of the opposition parties," she alleged.

Alleging that opposition parties engineered the violence in Bhatta Parsaul by providing weapons to anti-social elements, Mayawati said when their conspiracy was "exposed", the opposition parties launched a "false publicity campaign by associating the issue with compensation".

Mayawati alleged that whatever "drama" Congress staged yesterday was an attempt to create pressure for the release of anti-social elements. "But my government would not buckle and such anti-social elements would not be released at any cost…it will not concede to any illegal demand," she said.

The UP Chief Minister said that the state had written several letters to the Centre for a new land acquisition policy, but no attention has been paid till now.

"The state government has framed its own policy according to which land acquisition was being done in UP," she said.

Mayawati alleged that the Centre was not willing to pay compensation according to policy effected by the state government.

"If opposition parties are well wishers of the farmers in reality, they should create pressure on the Centre for the new policy," she said.

She alleged that as the elections of the state assembly were nearing the opposition parties were adopting tactics to defame the government.

Mayawati also alleged that farmers have not received compensation for their land acquired for the rail coach factory in Lalganj, which is in the parliamentary constituency of Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

"During the two-day tour of Sonia Gandhi yesterday, the farmers stopped her cavalcade in Lalganj and expressed their anguish," she said.

"Instead of being in Bhatta Parsaul, the Congress leaders should have been in Rae Bareli where farmers are facing compensation vows," she said.