New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee on Sunday urged the media to take note of positive things taking place in day to day life as it has a far-reaching impact on people.

"Media has a far-reaching impact and influence on people. Today indeed the world is one. It is important to maintain objectivity and truthfulness in news. Media must take note of the positive things taking place in day to day life. News may different but not the facts," the President said on the occasion of Essel Group's 90 years celebrations.

Giving examples of such positive things, he mentioned that during the Annual National Innovation Festival at Rashtrapati Bhavan, many young innovators display solutions to daily problems of life.

The President, who was the chief guest, congratulated the Essel Group on completion of its 90 years and the launch of its new initiative ,(World is One News), Sarthi, an initiative of becoming a bridge between the government and masses, and the DSC foundation.

He appreciated the spirit of the celebrations ‘Young at 90' and said that one should always remain young and look at issues with fresh new perspectives.

"In the next ten years the Essel Group would be organising its centenary celebrations. They should remain young even at 100, remain young forever."