Our system should be above politics: Trivedi

New Delhi: Aggrieved over his resignation as Railway Minister after facing the wrath of Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee, Dinesh Trivedi today rued that there is too much of politics in the country and that the system should be above it.

"There is too much of politics in India and India cannot survive with too much of politics on a day-to-day basis. System should be above politics and it is applicable to every ministry," Trivedi, who put in his papers last night, told reporters.

He was asked whether the system should be above politics. "If I as Defence Minister keep on changing generals every day then it is a body blow to the country I think we are getting behind," Trivedi, who had come to the Rail Bhavan to thank all the staff and Board members for their cooperation, said.

Trivedi, 61, has resigned on Sunday ending his defiance and bringing to a close five-day drama after he incurred the wrath of Trinamool Congress for hiking passenger fares in the Railway Budget.

Lamenting the system, he said, "Even China is 50 years ahead of us. My benchmark was Japan because for 47 years there has been no death due to rail accident (in Japan). "But in India, unfortunately, we do not value life. We take all these accidents lightly. How can you tolerate in Mumbai every day 10 people die (of rail accident). I think this is not fair to the people of this country," he said.

"One single death is not acceptable. I have tried for that in the Railways," Trivedi said. Asked what wrong he did, he said, "It is upto the people to ask. I, as a disciplinary soldier, do not have to ask this question. The Railways is national property and as a discipline soldier I have to abide by discipline."

Asked whether he is leaving the Railways in the midstream, Trivedi said, "The system is like that. I do not blame anybody and I don`t have grievances against anybody. We are part of the system…

He said, "I have done my job… I have no regrets ….Everybody has been cooperative including the Prime Minister…I don`t think I was made a pawn. I am joyous to have done my duty".

About his experience in Rail Bhavan, he said, "Yes, it has been a rich experience. At the end of the day, I am going as a very satisfied person. I am touched by the affection and love of 14 lakh `rail parivar`. I am going as a very enriched person in terms of knowledge, experience… emotion is always there."

On the budget which brought his downfall, he said, "Once budget is presented, it belongs to Parliament and Parliament belongs to the people of India. I do not have any ego hassle. I only wanted to do the right thing at the right time."