Note ban a Modi-made disaster, says Rahul

Belagavi: Terming note ban a (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi-made disaster for the country, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday accused the NDA government of aiding the rich at the cost of the poor through demonetisation.

“Demonetisation, which was meant to curb black money and root out corruption, is a Modi-made disaster, as over 100 people died standing in queues at banks for a few notes across the country,” said Gandhi at a public meeting in this Karnataka town, about 500 km from Bengaluru.

Addressing a huge rally to mark the birth centenary of former Prime Minister and his grandmother Indira Gandhi, Gandhi said only the rich had benefitted from the note ban at the cost of the poor, farmers and labourers in millions across the country.

“The Modi government came to power in the name of the poor but is sounding death knell to the hapless population to help about 50 super rich families. Who are these families holding most of the wealth in the country? You can see them touring foreign countries with Modi at the government cost. This is your Prime Minister whom you had reposed hopes of bettering your lives,” he alleged.

Noting that Modi failed to realise that black money hoarders invest their ill-gotten wealth in real estate, gold and in foreign banks, Gandhi said a mere six per cent of unaccounted wealth was in cash while 94 per cent was either deposited in Swiss banks or in real estate.

“Unfortunately, in the name of the poor, honest and tax-paying people, Modi is going after them and ignoring the remaining 94 per cent,” he said.

Remembering his grandmother on the occasion, Gandhi also said he was sad over the plight of the ordinary people facing hardship due to cash crunch for over a month.

“I want to ask Modiji why his government had not disclosed names of those who had stashed their black money in Swiss banks even after its government gave the list. Why he is not acting against crooks like Lalit Modi and liquor baron Vijay Mallya, who are staying in London?” asked Gandhi in his speech in Hindi.