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No dilution of RTI: PM

New Delhi: Making it clear that there will be no dilution of the RTI Act, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said Government wishes to make Right to Information an "even more effective instrument" for ensuring transparency but wanted a critical look at it to address certain concerns. Singh said the transparency law should not adversly affect deliberative processes in the Government and discourage honest, well meaning public servants from voicing their views.

Addressing the two-day annual convention of the Central Information Commission here, Singh said "we wish to make the Right to Information an even more effective instrument for ensuring transparency and accountability in administration". He said there was a need to strike a balance between disclosure of information and the limited time and resources available with public authorities.

"The Right to Information should not adversly affect the deliberative processes in the Government," he said adding, "We must take a critical look at it. There are concerns that need to be discussed and addressed." There have been demands for amending the transparency law by certain sections of government who feel it is "transgressing" into their functioning.

Amendments to the RTI Act and exemptions given to security agencies from making disclosures under it are expected to be debated at the conference being attended by information commissioners. "Another concern that has been raised is that the Right to Information could end up discouraging honest, well meaning public servants from giving full expression to their views.

"I think we need to remember here that a point of view brought under public scrutiny and discussion in an isolated manner may sometimes present a distorted or incomplete picture of what really happened in the processes of making the final decisions," he said.

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