Odishatv Bureau

New Delhi: Hailing the encounter killing of the four accused in the Hyderabad gang rape and murder case, the family of Nirbhaya on Friday said the Telangana police has set an example and urged authorities not to punish the policemen responsible for the action.

Nirbhaya, a 23-year-old paramedic student, was gang raped in December 2012 in the national capital and later died due to her injuries. Her rapists, who were sentenced to death, are still awaiting their fate.

"Today the court, the government and the Delhi Police should see what example the Hyderabad police has set. It is my request to the judiciary and the Centre that Nirbhaya's accused should be hanged at the earliest and set an example before the society... the way they commit heinous crime, they will meet the same fate," Nirbhaya's mother said.

"Police has done a great job and I demand no action should be taken against the police personnel," she added.

Justifying the encounter, Nirbhaya's father said had the police not acted promptly and shot the accused, they would have fled.

"It is good that the police showed prompt response and acted. Otherwise the accused would have fled and it would have been difficult to catch them. The escape would also have raised questions on the efficiency of the police," he said.

Her father said the family has been awaiting justice for seven years now.

"The family of the Hyderabad doctor will not have to wait for seven years for justice like us. We can understand the pain of her parents. At least, they got justice early," he said.

Nirbhaya's grandfather also welcomed the step, saying actions like these will deter those involved in heinous crimes.

"I appreciate the killing of rapists by the police in an encounter. Such steps will create fear among rapists and deter them from committing such heinous acts," he told reporters at his ancestral village in Ballia.

He said his family has heaved a sigh of relief after the encounter.

"The way in which rapists are using loopholes in the judicial system, such encounters are necessary. The Parliament should enact a law enabling police to kill such persons in encounters," he said, adding that no one should question the police action.

Referring to the Unnao rape survivor, who has been battling for her life, Nirbhaya's grandfather said had the Uttar Pradesh police taken such action in the Unnao case the girl would not have been set on fire.

"My grand daughter was raped seven years ago and the accused have still not been given capital punishment. Had they (accused) been given capital punishment, the country would not have been in such anger," he added.