Naidu’s announcement on Federal Front leaves partymen dismayed

Hyderabad: Chandrababu Naidu's latest announcement that the Telugu Desam would be a part of the just-conceived "Federal Front", today took senior party leaders by surprise as it currently maintains a cordial relationship with the Left.
"Hundred per centwe will join the Federal Front," the TDP chief told a English news channel here today.
"The UPA has the lost mandate and the Congress is becoming weak. The BJP-led NDA is also not gaining. The regional parties are emerging stronger. It will be the regional parties that will play a dominant role in the next general elections," Naidu said.
"All parties, particularly the regional parties, have a responsibility to see that a third alternative to the UPA and the BJP is formed. So, we will definitely be part of the Federal Front," the former Chief Minister asserted.
He recalled that the TDP played a key role in formation of three out of four non-Congress governments at the Centre.
"We will again play a crucial role in 2014," he added.
Naidu's announcement has however, left senior leaders of the Telugu Desam in dismay.
A politburo member of the TDP said none approached them so far with the idea of Federal Front.
"Its not even a day since the so-called Federal Front's name cropped up and there was no discussion about it in our party," he pointed out.
"We are always supportive of the idea of a 'Third Front' that comprises the Left since we are long-time allies. Given that the 'Federal Front' is a supposed brainchild of Mamata Banerjee, a sworn enemy of the Left, we may not actually fit in unless we severe ties with the Left parties," the politburo member noted.
The TDP leaders are now waiting for the Left parties' reaction to Naidu's announcement.