Poonam Singh

Hyderabad: Over 50 monkeys were suspected to be poisoned to death and stuffed in gunny bags in Telangana's Mahabubabad district, a Forest Department official said on Wednesday.

The bodies of the monkeys were stuffed in gunny bags and thrown on a hillock near Sanigapuram village. Many of the monkeys killed were babies.

The incident came to light when the villagers complained of stink and alerted the police. The forest officials also reached the hillock and to their utter shock, found highly decomposed bodies of monkeys. They believe that the animals were killed five to six days ago.

Meanwhile, the Mahabubabad police have registered a case under Indian Penal Code section 429 (killing animal by poisoning or maiming) and section 11L of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, reported the PuneMirror.

Forest and police officials are investigating and inquiring people from nearby villages. District Forest Officer P. Krishnamacharyulu said they never came across such atrocities on simians.

As the bodies were highly decomposed, a post-mortem examination could not be conducted. The forest personnel cremated the bodies.

Mahabubad district is known for monkey menace. The officials believe that the monkeys could have been poisoned to death for destroying crops.

Some of the monkeys are also suspected to have died of electrocution. Farmers electrify the fencing of their fields to protect the crops from animals.

“The monkeys are suspected to have been poisoned to death. As of now who has done this act is not clear. Whether farmers (to protect their crop) or someone else. We are inquiring,” the official told PTI over phone.

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