New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday called on people to give importance to positive news and make "positivity viral" instead of dwelling on negative news, spreading which, he said, is "fairly easy".

Modi referred to certain news and opinion websites like thebetterindia.com, and yourstory.com, which, he said, write about "inspiring lives" and are "infusing more sensitivity into society" through their stories.

"I just referred to thebetterindia.com, and I read about Dr. Jaya Chandran. Whenever I get the opportunity, I visit the website and try to know more about such shining, inspiring deeds.

"I am glad to observe that these days, there are many websites apprising us of inspiring life - stories of such remarkable gems," Modi said in his 51st 'Mann ki Baat' address-- this year's last edition.

"Can we join hands in one endeavour?.. Let us share such websites amongst ourselves. Let's come together to make positivity viral.

"I do believe that by doing so more and more people will get to know about our heroes who brought a change in society. Spreading negativity is fairly easy. But some really good work is being done around us, in our society. And all this has been possible through the collective efforts of 130 crore countrymen," he said.