Make public secret chapter of Srikrishna report: BJP

New Delhi: BJP on Thursday asked the government to make public the "secret" chapter of the Srikrishna report on Telangana and said the issue of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh needs a political solution.

"The controversy surrounding chapter 8 of the report is curious. This chapter, for various obvious reasons, is being referred to as the `secret report` or `the note` or the `supplementary note`…we demand that this chapter be made public, in the larger interest of the nation," BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman said here.

She said the report itself claimed that chapter 8, titled `Law and Order and Internal Security Implications` guided the Committee in suggesting three of the six options they have proposed.

"The Congress Party, the opposition parties and indeed, all stake holders are poring over the Committee`s 505 page report without that crucial chapter which guided the panel.

Only the government is privy to that chapter 8. The Congress party seems to have no objection to this," she said.

The spokesperson said the BJP had boycotted the Srikrishna Committee because it believes that the issue of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh needs a political solution and issues related to managing Indian polity cannot be resolved by committees.

"The Congress lacks political will in resolving this issue and procrastination seems to be their answer," she said.

A division bench of the Andhra Pradesh High Court is looking into the matter.