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Magician PC Sorcar dubs Mandrake’s escape game as ‘foolish’ attempt

Kolkata: Legendary magician PC Sorcar (Junior) Tuesday described the deadly attempt of the 40-year- old Mandrake to show an underwater escape act as a “foolish” attempt.

Sorcar (Jr) also pointed to Jadugar (wizard) Mandrake’s lack of adequate training and preparation before making escape trick.

Chanchal Lahiri, who tried to do tricks like famed magician of escape games Harry Houdini, drowned in the river Hoogly here while trying to perform an underwater live stunt on Sunday.

Scouring through the river since Sunday, police on Monday evening found his body near Ramakrishnapur Ghat close to Howrah.

The body was identified by Lahiri’s brother.

“I feel very bad for this incident. It was a foolish attempt by a young man without taking adequate safety measures. And it was sheer bad luck of Lahiri. I think it was the result of a sheer enthusiasm,” Sorcar told PTI.

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