Lokpal Bill may come up in RS By Tuesday

New Delhi: Signalling that it could bring Lokpal Bill in the current Parliament session in the Rajya Sabha, Government on Sunday night circulated among members of the Upper House a notice for an amendment to the bill concerning the provision of Lokayukta.

The notice among other things says that provision of Lokayukta will be applicable in those states where the legislature adopts a resolution to that effect.

The amendment seeks to address concerns of Mamata Banerjee and some opposition parties. The development also signifies that the Government is toying with the idea of bringing the Bill in the Upper House before the Budget Session concludes on Tuesday.

However, the order paper for today does not have the Lokpal bill on the agenda paper. "A decision will be taken today", a Union minister involved in the process said.

The absence of consensus on key provisions of the legislation including the one dealing with Lokpal`s superintendence over CBI may pose difficulties for the government in pushing it. The bill has already been passed by the Lok Sabha.