Law Min forwarded 60 complaints against Judges

New Delhi: The Law Ministry has forwarded at least 60 named complaints against judges of Supreme Court and High Courts to Chief Justice of India and Chief Justices of High Courts concerned during last year for appropriate action.

The details of these judges were revealed through an RTI response from Ministry of Law and Justice which has provided copies of forwarding letters issued by it along with the copies of complaints received from various sources.

In 60 cases, the forwarding letters issued by the Ministry carry names of the judges against whom complaints have been received, copies of letters provided under the RTI response to activist Subhash Agrawal show.

Besides these 60 cases, there are complaints against District Judges, Judicial Officers and judges of sub-ordinate courts which have been sent to Chief Justices of the concerned High Courts for action.

According to details revealed in the forwarding letters, 11 complaints against High Court judges have been sent to Chief Justice of Patna High Court.

Eleven cases have been referred to Chief Justice of India, which include seven complaints against Supreme Court Judges, four against Chief Justices of three High Courts and one against a Himachal Pradesh High Court judge.

The rest of the complaints have been sent to Chief Justices of High Courts concerned. Three complaints have been received by the Law Ministry through Central Vigilance Commission.