Kashmiri Pandits should learn from past mistakes

Jammu: The new generation of Kashmiri Pandits should learn from past mistakes to carry forward their community`s struggle for returning to their native place, an organisation representing the community said Monday.

"Our youth need to learn from past mistakes and failures. Instead mistakes and failures should be used as important assets to move forward successfully," Panun Kashmir president Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo said at a youth workshop here.

Political education and training have a prime place in our life and Panun Kashmir is determined to pass on its legacy to the younger generations, he said.

"Our struggle for the community`s resettlement in Kashmir will be determined on the basis of our geo-political rights and aspirations…," he said.

"Kashmir belongs to Kashmiri Pandits because we are the indigenous people of Kashmir having a written history of more than five thousand years old," Chrungoo said.

The community needs its youth to come forward to take up the challenges of future, he said.

In order to keep the issue alive, Panun Kashmir has not allowed any dilution of its core issues despite all odds and obstacles all these two decades of struggle in exile, he said.