Karnataka has no future with JDS around: Yeddy

Bangalore: Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa on Sunday said the JD(S) be "uprooted", noting that the state had no future with the party around and preferred the Congress to continue as the main opposition party.

Claiming that there is a fight going on between the JD(S) and Congress over who should occupy slot of the main opposition party, he expressed his preference for the Congress to be in that position, saying the JDs had better go out.

"Let`s wait and see what happens in this fight", he told reporters here.

However, the Chief Minister added his desire is that the Congress remains the main opposition party in the state.

"JDS should go out, uprooted, because this state will have no future if they are around. The Congress should not allow JDS to consolidate," he said.

The JDS, headed by former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda, is currently spearheading a "people`s movement" against the BJP government highlighting allegations of corruption against it, while the Congress has planned a "Raj Bhavan chalo" programme tomorrow demanding dismissal of the Yeddyurappa government.

The Chief Minister did not find anything unusual about the Congress move, saying the party is only discharging its duty as an opposition party.