Kannada film on Veerappan irks his wife

Chennai: Slain forest brigand Veerappan`s wife Muthulakshmi today claimed that Kannada film director Ramesh has made a movie based on the life of her husband without her consent and has depicted the two of them in a `bad light`. Muthulakshmi said she has plans to take legal recourse against it.

"Ramesh has made the movie without my consent and has depicted me and my (late) husband in a bad light," she told reporters here. Veerappan, a dreaded forest brigand who was embroiled in cases of murder and poaching besides smuggling of sandalwood, was shot dead by the Special task force of the Tamil Nadu police in 2004.

He had earlier kidnapped Kannada matinee idol Rajkumar who was released after days of negotiations. Muthulakshmi said that she has seen some trailers of the yet-to-be released movie, which she said was titled `Attagasam` in Kannada and `Vanayutham` in Tamil.

"Ramesh`s sole intention seems to paint my husband in a negative picture. His film seems to be based on media reports (about Veerappan) and he has not made any research. Neither did he discuss the matter with me," she said. Muthulakshmi said she was planning to move a court seeking a stay on the movie.