Jharkhand Congress MLA under police scanner for calls to Maoists

Ranchi: Jharkhand Congress legislator Nirmala Devi is under scanner of the state police for calls allegedly made to Maoists from her mobile number.

An audio tape of the chat between Nirmala Devi with Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Harilal Chauhan of Hazaribagh district on this issue has gone viral in the state.

Chauhan called the Congress legislator a few days back. The police officer wanted to know from Nirmala Devi if she made calls to Maoists from her mobile phone.

The officer said calls were made to Maoists from her mobile number. At this, the Congress legislator became agitated and asked the police assistant superintendent to call her to his office to know the facts.

“The state police are trying to implicate me in a false case as was done with my husband. Police are supporting the opponents and trying to implicate me. The Crime Control Act was imposed on my husband and it was later quashed by the high court,” Nirmala Devi told reporters on Wednesday.

Her husband Yogendra Sao is a former minister. He was jailed in 2014. Yogendra Sao quit the minister’s post after his links with Maoists surfaced in 2014.

Jharkhand Police have denied harassing the legislator.

“The police official called the legislator to verify whether her mobile was used by someone else. Some calls were made to Maoists from the legislator’s mobile phone. The investigation is going on and suitable action will be taken if calls were made from the legislator’s phone,” a police official told IANS.