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India asks Pak to eschew rhetoric

New Delhi: In a strong message to Pakistan, India on Friday asked it to "eschew rhetoric" that does not create a condusive environment for a comprehensive, sustained and serious dialogue especially when the two countries are embarking on re-engagement.

"We have seen remarks made by the Spokesperson of Pakistan?s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee report `Avoiding water wars: Water Scarcity and Central Asia`s Growing importance for stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan," MEA spokesperson said.

He also said the Indus Waters Treaty is an example of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries, which has withstood the test of time for the past 50 years.

"India has always strictly adhered to the provisions of the Treaty even during times when hostilities have broken out between the two countries," the spokesperson said.

"As we embark on re-engagement between the two countries, it is important that we eschew rhetoric that does not create a conducive environment for a comprehensive, sustained and serious dialogue," the spokesperson said.

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