Heritage steam loco ‘Akbar’ derails

New Delhi: The heritage steam locomotive of the Indian Railways jumped the rail tracks during maintenance work at the Rewari steam shed of the Northern Railway.

The locomotive, named Akbar, was undergoing maintenance and repairs in the shed, spokesperson, Northern Railway, Nitin Chowdhury said.

“During maintenance and repairs, testing of the brakes was also done as per routine practice. When it moved, the staff on the loco applied the brakes, but as said earlier, it was being repaired, so the brakes did not take full effect and the engine derailed. No staff was injured and there was no damage to railway property,” he said.

The spokesperson said that an inquiry has been ordered by the Divisional Railway Manager (DRM).

“The loco was not being used for hauling any train when the incident happened. Officers and staff were immediately rushed to carry out re-railing operations,” he said.

The engine was named after the great Mughal Emperor, Akbar, is one of the oldest steam locomotives of the railways.

It was built by the Chittranjan Locomotive Works and was inducted into service in 1965.