New Delhi: An ATM fraudster, who has cheated at least 50 people over the last three years, has been arrested here, police said on Saturday.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Nupur Prasad said the accused Sandeep, 28, was arrested from Farsh Bazar area of east Delhi on Thursday.

Prasad said that Sandeep, a resident of Punjab, used to work in the housekeeping section of reputed hotels and noticing the lifestyle of the guests, he also wanted to lead a lavish lifestyle.

He starting cheating people who visited ATMs by different methods and then he withdrew their money, police said.

Upon receiving a complaint earlier this month, police accessed CCTV footages and formed got a photo of the accused.

The police then circulated it to their contacts on the ground.

On Thursday, a security guard at an ATM in Farsh Bazar came to the police station and told that he had locked inside the ATM counter the person shown in the picture circulated by police.

Police said that the accused had spent all the money in leading a lavish life and touring various places in India and abroad.

Police has also recovered 12 ATM cards and a silver chain from the accused.