EC to use edutainment to encourage voters in polls

New Delhi: Noting that information gap has often proved "quite costly" in fair conduct of elections, Chief Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi on Sunday said a fusion of education and entertainment would be used to increase voter turnout and encourage ethical voting in coming assembly polls.

"In my business of conduct of elections, information gap has proved quite costly in terms of citizen participative democracy and also rule of law in democratic electoral process," he said.

According to the CEC, "Edutainment" is the best response of present times for making cognitive, physical, emotional and social development faster and smoother.

"There is a new attitude about leisure in the new knowledge society. People want it for personal enrichment and do not want it to be purposeless. The same citizens would also not like to plough for knowledge in a dreary and dry land; they would like it to be a pleasurable experience," he said delivering the valedictory address at the 5th International Entertainment Conference here.

He said, in Jharkhand EC decided to unleash its first serious effort at voters` education to raise the very low levels of participation in elections by turning to folk entertainment.