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Corruption the villain at Ramlila Maidan

New Delhi: At Ramlila Maidan, Baba Ramdev is the `hero` and corruption is the `villain`.

In the searing heat of the capital, Baba Ramdev`s die-hard supporters have devised multifarious ways to portray corruption and its impact on the society.

At the site of the agitation, young followers of Ramdev are painting canvases and T-shirts with slogans against corruption.

At the entrance of the maidans, a young man was dressed like Raavan with his ten faces displaying images of ruling party leaders.

The Raavan avatar was seen dancing and shouting slogans against "corrupt politicians".

Songs, dances, slogans and live painting sessions dominated the scene with youngsters painting T-shirts with the message of bringing back black money stashed abroad.

25-year-old Sumitra was busy painting a 25-feet canvas depicting corruption and black money and said it would be placed in front of the stage where Ramdev is leading his fast.

"I am excited. It will be put up in front of the dais. Corruption should be eradicated," she said.

Another 22-year-old girl was seen painting a canvas and inscribing slogans like `eradicate corruption from the society` on T-shirts.

"Corruption is a monster. It is deep-rooted in our society. Baba is out to spike it…I would like to support him," she said.

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