Cong attacks on Modi shows their frustration: BJP

New Delhi: BJP today hit back at Congress for attacking its Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, saying this shows the "frustration and despair" of the ruling party, which is resulting in "irreverent" statements from them.
"The huge mass of people coming out in support of Narendra Modi and their enthusiasm is causing desperation, frustration and despair in Congress and is making them come out with flippant statements from them," BJP Vice President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi told reporters.
He claimed the wide support to Modi's public meetings is a pointer to BJP moving towards putting the "final nail in the coffin of corrupt Congress".
BJP specifically took on Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari who had questioned NDA government's role in the Kargil conflict and the Agra summit with Pakistan.
"Manish Tewari should know that in the Kargil war our army killed Pakistani soldiers in droves. Pakistan had refused to take back the bodies of those killed. During the Agra summit, we had sent back President Pervez Musharraf empty-handed when he did not agree to stop sponsoring terrorism," Naqvi said.
He claimed that later the NDA government signed an agreement with Musharraf on this issue.
"Today, when our soldiers are beheaded by Pakistan, our government talks about peace. When Pakistan kills our soldiers, we remain silent. Chinese forces enter out territory and stay here while the government gives misleading statements. More than 100 ceasefire violations by Pakistan have taken place and yet the government is silent," Naqvi said.