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College student rescued from suspected Blue Whale game

Burdwan (WB): A college student in Burdwan district on Wednesday was rescued from suspected Blue Whale Challenge game after he broke down in class before a teacher and fellow students, police said.

The 2nd year student of a college in Gushkara was scolded by the teacher for failing to answer a question during philosophy class, following which he started to cry.

The student said he had received an SMS on August 6 informing him that he won a lottery and and to get the money he would have to send all the details about him and his family.

After he sent the details, he received a link of a game with an instruction that the money would be sent to his bank account after he completes all the stages of the game.

As part of the game, the student said, he was asked to slash his hand and send a selfie, run before a car, etc and he had completed 12 stages.

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But after he refused to hang himself upside down from a tree and take a selfie, the instructor threatened him to kill his family members and he was depressed since then, the student said in the class.

The philosophy teacher took him to the teacher-in- charge who called the police.

Police said they took the student for counselling and to a hospital before handing him over to his parents.

The police also took the student’s mobile to investigate the case.

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