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Clinton delighted to see Victoria Memorial exhibits

Kolkata: US secretary of state Hillary Clinton today visited Victoria Memorial, the grand edifice of the British Raj here, and was delighted to see some exhibits. "It has been a treat for me. I am delighted with these exhibits," she said after her 15-minute visit to some of the galleries.

Victoria Memorial`s secretary and curator Swapan Kumar Chakravorty, who escorted Clinton, told PTI that Clinton saw a painting exhibition by Gaganendranath Tagore and some photographs of 19th century Kolkata by Madame Eatwell at the entrance hall.

Chakravorty said she entered the Queen`s Hall and evinced keen interest in Charles d` Oyly`s "Views of Calcutta and its environment". Clinton also saw various 19th century exhibits like arms, manuscripts, documents and paintings.

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