All-party meet on right to recall: Khurshid

New Delhi: A day after the Election Commission disfavoured the idea of right to recall, Law Minister Salman Khurshid today said government is working on Team Anna`s proposal for such a provision which could form part of the all-party consultations on electoral reforms. He said the demand for right to recall of elected lawmakers was a difficult task, but the government was "working on that".

"We have a very strong lobby that is questioning us on the need to introduce the right to reject," he said speaking on `Bharat and India: Challenges and Ambitions` at the Asian Forum for Global Governance here. Khurshid said there are also "strong demands" for right to recall inspired largely by some small segments in US and Europe, particularly in municipal elections.

"Right to recall in a constituency that has more than 1.5 million voters. Get signatures from 100 thousand or 50 thousand, authenticate those signatures is not an easy job. But we are working on that," he said. The minister later elaborated that the Law Ministry has prepared a note on the subject.

"We have given papers on it. I have discussed it with the Election Commissioner as well. He has talked to the media and he has expressed some of his reservations. But we will be happy to put it to the all-party consultations that will take place." The all-party meeting could take place either this month or in November depending on the availability of party leaders. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is likely to address it.