AIDS claimed 175 lives in one year in Punjab

Amritsar: A total of 175 people have succumbed to the dreaded AIDS in Punjab during the year 2011-2012. These facts were revealed in the data supplied by the SMO Civil hospital here. The disease is spreading at a fast pace in the border districts of Punjab as per the data.

According to official annual data report prepared by the District Civil Surgeon Office, the total number of HIV positive cases registered in Amritsar during the period from 2011-12 were 1,243 from which 749 were males, 425 females and 69 children.

All the 1,243 patients traced here belonged to various districts of Punjab besides 635 patients from Amritsar and all are receiving medication from Government run hospitals.

From the total HIV positive count of ladies in 2011-12 upto March, 39 pregnant ladies were found infected during the ANC (Anti Natal Case) test.

According to the information, 42 HIV positive deliveries have been registered in the year which means 42 newborn babies affected with AIDS that ultimately may lead to increase in death rate.

As per official data, it is noticed that most of people have been affected by AIDS due to the unsafe sexual intercourse. 29 Sexually transmitted AIDS affected were recorded in which 9 were females and 20 males. This usually happens due to the unawareness among people about safe sex.

Other than this, 102 people out of majority found to be affected with HIV positive in the different blood banks that came for blood donation in the hospitals.