African woman takes off shirt for seat in Delhi metro

New Delhi: At a time when racial attacks on Africans have been coming up from the national capital, the video of an African woman removing her shirt in Delhi metro train has gone viral. The incident was fallout of a spat between her and other passengers over a seat in the metro.

Though the date of the incident is not confirmed, the incident that happened after Green Park metro station on the yellow lane (video uploaded on YouTube on May 3) was recorded in a camera and later went viral. It not only shocked many but forced others to get down at the next station. Many were also heard hurling abuses and shouting “bahar nikalo inhe (throw them out)”. The two African women are seen shouting back saying “You want to fight? Let’s fight”.

The fight finally was resolved with the interference of some passengers though the metro authorities have reportedly not received any complaints in this regard.