2 new videos of human safaris in Andaman Islands

London: Two new videos have emerged that allegedly provide more proof of official involvement in "human safaris" for the benefit of tourists to see the protected Jarawa tribe of the Andaman Islands.

The videos do not indicate the date when they were shot, but The Observer newspaper said the first film, a three minutes and 19 seconds clip, shot on a mobile phone, showed half-naked girls from the tribe dancing before an Indian police officer. A second, shorter clip again focuses on a girl`s nudity, with men allegedly in military uniform nearby, the British newspaper said.

Last month, investigations by The Observer led to inquiries in India into the existence of "human safaris" in the islands.

The newspaper said that the "new videos raise fresh questions about the complicity of officers who are supposed to be protecting the tribe". "Neither video is datestamped, but the longer one is understood to have surfaced about two months ago in Port Blair," it added.