India to host 22nd World Congress on fertility

New Delhi: India will host the 22nd world congress on fertility which aims to promote education and research in the field of reproductive medicine and also raise the standards of its practice.

The five-day International Federation of Fertility Societies World Congress (IFFS) will be held in September 2016 and will provide a platform for the Indian medical practitioners to showcase before the world India’s supremacy in the field of Assisted Reproduction Technique (ART), including In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).

India won the bidding to host the event against Australia, Singapore and Japan.

“This event will help the doctors with the opportunity to get benefited immensely by the expansion of scope of discussions on latest techniques and training around infertility from around the world,” Kuldeep Jain, organising secretary and founder of the Indian Fertility Society said in a statement.

He said that the launch of a world body like IFFS in India is a breakthrough step as it will provide a window to the IVF practitioners in the country to globalise IVF and ART procedures and practices.

“It will also help initiate a discourse in India on medical advancement and the exemplary work Indian practitioners are doing in the field,” Jain said.

The IFFS consists of national fertility societies and societies of reproductive medicine from 70 nations.

The theme for the congress will be ‘Reaching to Unreached’ with the focus on expanding the scope of discussion on the latest techniques and training around infertility and allowing doctors from far off parts of India to become a part of it.

“All Indian delegates are not capable of attending various international level meetings. Doctors practicing in rural or semi urban areas are not able to keep pace with, or are unaware of progress of science and its clinical application,” Hrishikesh Pai, organising secretary and president of ISAR said in a statement.

“Through IFFS conference many Indians doctors will be benefited as they will get the chance to interact with super specialists from across the globe. Working with an international body will lead to imbibing the best practices from world over and streamlining of the whole fertility scenario in India,” he said.