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Sangati Jogwar

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are true professionals who continued to work together in movies despite going through a nasty split. While the relationship between the two continues to remain friendly there was a time when controversy was created after Ranbir called Deepika a flirt, and the girl he considers similar to dal chawal.

Later on, Ranbir clarified what exactly he intended to suggest by calling his Tamasha co-star a flirt.

Ranbir Kapoor Clarified What He Meant To Say By Calling Deepika a Flirt

During a promotional event when the reporters were asking questions to Ranbir and Deeps, a press person asked, "Recently you said that Deepika is a flirt. So what made you say that?"

In reply, the Sanju actor said, "You know the tough part is ki aap kuch bolte ho uske kuch 4-5 meaning nikal aate hai. I said it in a fun way. You know jaise maine jawani mein bhi kaha tha ki flirting sehat ke liye bhi accha hota hai. So, mein yeh nahi kahe raha ki yeh flirt hai ya koi gadbad kar rahi hai. I was just teasing her. So do not take any dirty meaning of it."

Patting Deepika on her shoulder, Ranbir said, "Yeh acchi ladki hai, badi sanskari ladki hai." When the reporter next asked why he called Deeps dal chawal, the superstar said, "Again I will say aap char paanch words le lete ho aur uska kuch matlab nikal lete ho."

At this juncture, Deepika intervened and said, "You did not clarify ki dal with tadka aur without tadka." While the Bajirao Mastani actress was laughing while saying so, it made Ranbir very uncomfortable and serious. He explained, "Main batata hoon, dal tadka, makkhan wakkhan sabke saath. Meine kaha tha ki mein jab Deepika ke saath kam karta hoon toh itna comfortable, itna accha lagta hai. You know it feels like going back home, the comfort of dal chawal."



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