Sony Pictures to make royal wedding movie

Los Angeles: Sony Pictures has won a bidding war to make a royal wedding-themed movie about an American girl marrying a prince in UK.

The studio has paid a seven-figure sum for the untitled pitch by `(500) Days of Summer` writers Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber following interest from several other film houses, reported a website.

The story is about a girl from Midwest America who goes to the UK and ends up marrying a prince, and has been described as `Notting Hill` meets `Meet the Royal Parents`.

While the story is not based on Prince William and Kate Middleton, many studios are keen to cash in on the nuptials as they have seen how gripped the world has become by
their wedding.

Matt Tolmach, former production chief at Columbia Pictures, is producing, while Andrea Giannetti and Doug Belgrad will oversee for the studio.

As well as `(500) Days of Summer` – which starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel – Neaustadter and Weber also wrote 2009`s `Pink Panther 2`, while their latest
movie `Beginner`s Greek` is in development at Warner Bros, with Donald De Line and Charles Weinstock producing.