Odia youth boogieing it big in Bollywood!

Bhubaneswar/ Mumbai: Choreographing Bollywood heartthrobs Tiger Shroff and Shradha Kapoor is the last thing Bikram Swain from Odisha had in mind when he landed in Maximum City. But as the story of his struggle and success unfolds, Bikram Swain has become one of the best-known figures in choreography in Bollywood.

It speaks volumes about his talent when someone like Tiger Shroff, the latest dancing sensation, calls him his ‘guru’. While his skills in choreography have earned him accolades from everyone in the industry, Bikram also is an expert in stunts and fights and the man behind some of the breath-taking maneuvers on celluloid.

“Bikram Swain is my partner, friend, brother and my teacher. He is a Hero for his village and for me as well. He makes me dance, fight, do gymnastics and he is my biggest support in my team,” gushed the ‘Heropanti’ star holding Bikram in a tight, intimate embrace as he spoke.

“Bikram is really, really, really, really talented and I only wish the very best for him. His future is very, very, very, very bright and I hope that someday I can learn from him,” said Shroff’s co-star in Baagi Shraddha Kapoor.

It all started for Bikram from Antari, his native village in Ganjam district. Since childhood, he had a penchant for dancing. After failing to go beyond class VII, Bikram went to Surat in search of work and then to Mumbai. He used to take out time from the garage where he worked and started learning dance. His commitment and perseverance finally paid off.

He has already worked as the assistant choreographer in movies like Heropanthi, Kick, Hum Tum, and All Is Well.

His giant strides in Bollywood have made his family members and villagers proud. “He worked really hard and God has repaid him,” said Bikram’s father Kishore Swain.

“I feel really happy that at such a young age, he has achieved so much. I am really proud of him,” said Bikram’s sister Jayanti Swain.