Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor once again hogged the headlines after becoming father following the huge success of Brahmastra : Part One- Shiva. Fans of the Kapoor Prince must have a collection of photographs from his childhood days. The overloaded cuteness of kid Ranbir must have won the hearts of many, but, can you ever imagine finding a child who exactly looks like kid Ranbir?

Yes...Though hard to believe, it is true. The real 'Ranbir Kapoor' junior will leave your eyes wide open and jaws dropped. This Mumbai kid has no close relationship with Ranbir except for his uncanny resemblance. Apart from his cuteness, the kid shares close facial features with RK.

Nirav Bhatt, a Mumbaikar turned into a model at a very young age and is popular as ‘Chota Ranbir’. 

'Humans of Bombay' shared a video including some pictures and short video clips of Nirav. After seeing the pictures and videos, any person will get confused if it is from Ranbir’s childhood days. Nirav is just seven-year-old, but he has become popular for his uncanny resemblance with Ranbir. 

Nirav was quoted as saying, “I was just 4 when Mumma said, ‘Tu to mera chota Ranbir hai. (You are my junior Ranbir).’ Sachi bolu toh I didn’t even know who she was talking about! But when Mumma showed me his pictures, I loved his hair and smile! I thought, ‘Arre, I do look like him.”

Sharing his experience about a similar encounter, Nirav said, “Once, I was at a mall with Mumma and Papa. And suddenly this aunty came to us and said, ‘Aapka beta Ranbir Kapoor jaisa lagta hai.’ She shook my hand and left. My parents just smiled, but mujhe bohat acha laga!”

Further, narrating about his modelling journey, Nirav said, “This year in April my classmate Pritisha’s mom said, ‘Why don’t you become a model?’ I didn’t know what that was, but I was excited. So Mumma got my pictures clicked in May, and I started working for some brands. I enjoyed it– I’d get to try so many different clothes and I’d get to make new friends.” 

This young kid also has worked for Alia Bhatt’s brand. Nirav went to Dharamshala for his first shoot and gathered several memorable experiences on the sets. As Nirav said, everyone called him ‘Ranbir Sir’ which made him very much happy. 

Nirav came to everyone’s notice when Alia Bhatt shared his pictures from the shoot on social media. Following that, Nirav became the talk of the town. 

“Pata hai, I can now Google myself. I type my name on Google sometimes for fun. I love to see my pictures on the internet. And, you know, when Brahmastra was released, more people started talking about me. All my school friends even watched it because of me,” added an excited Nirav.

He continued: "People often ask me, ‘How is this even possible?’ But ab mein kya bolu? I am just 7 years old! I can’t do anything about my face na! But Mumma always tells me, ‘You just be yourself."

Now, Nirav aims to grow up and become an actor. Now, he is focusing on his studies and has started taking Piano lessons. He wishes to meet Ranbir someday and perform ‘Kesariya’ on the piano before him. 

”I hope everyone will love me just like they love him!” said Nirav.