I bonded with Von Trier over depression

London: `Spider-Man`actress Kirsten Dunst says she felt a personal connection to Danish director Lars Von Trier as they both poured their experiences of depression into her last release`Melancholia`.

Dunst, 29, who checked into rehab in 2008 to battle the condition, played a woman on the brink in a role which won her a Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival in France this year, Daily Express reported.

The actress admits the shoot was very personal for both of them as they have similar experiences in dealing with depression, and many of the scenes are based on the moviemaker`s own life.

"He was very vulnerable with me, he opened up a lot about his struggles. I had a very intimate and great working experience with him. I was playing something that Lars has experienced very intimately and his wife was overwhelmed by (the film) because there were things that actually happened to Lars,"she said.