New Delhi: Rishi Kapoor objected to the presence of journalists at the launch on Thursday evening of a book on his late father, the legendary Raj Kapoor, in spite of an invitation from the publisher.

What was supposed to be a special event, graced by the five children of Raj Kapoor, turned out to be a difficult evening. Coming face to face with Rishi Kapoor as he stepped out of the washroom adjacent to the venue of the book release, he asked in an agitated voice, for reasons best known to him, "aap log kaun hain" of three journalists waiting to enter.

On credentials being presented, he walked off, muttering "muft ki daru...". His personal security arrived and asked the three journalists to accompany them out of the hall and to the lobby area of the hotel. They said: "Mr Kapoor doesn't want you guys here, please leave."

A representative of the publisher, who had arrived at the spot, requested that Kapoor's personal security staff be spoken to.

The ITC Maurya security in-charge resisted, saying: "You know how Rishi Kapoor is. He has created a scene at our hotel twice in the past."

The publicist from HarperCollins apologised while also adding that there are a lot of other stakeholders in such events that involve celebrities. "Please come in, grab a drink or two," he said, 20 minutes after the event had begun.

This correspondent, however, chose to leave. But this type of attitude of the actor towards journalists shows what he really thinks of them.